Insulation Projects That Will Help You Save Energy

Professional Insulation Is Worthwhile!

Your home is your castle. And part of your responsibility as a homeowner is to keep it safe and protected. One of the most important responsibilities is to add professional insulation. If you wish to keep the extreme weather where it belongs and save thousands of dollars in utility bills, you need to consider the following projects:

  • Attic; Insulating the attic is a smart decision that will bring you peace of mind. Doing that is not just essential, it is necessary. Investing in a new HVAC system is good too, but that technique won’t work if the loft is not properly insulated. Applying spray foam to the walls, floor, and ceiling will bring comfort to the whole house. You will no longer experience extreme heat or cold. Furthermore, your air conditioner will work efficiently preventing mold and water damage. Just make sure you find a reputable contractor for the job.

  • Spray foam wall insulation; This is another smart investment. Insulating the wall cavities, especially the exterior wall cavities, will help you achieve greater resistance against the cold air. Such a job always pays off in the long run. Whether you have a new or old home, spray foam can resolve many of your energy issues.

  • Under-floor insulation; Many homeowners engage local specialists to apply a high-quality padding material under the floor. This is good, especially if you have crawl space there. Covering your home from top to bottom with quality and affordable insulation will help your family get rid of moisture, condensation, and the constant high indoor humidity. Select a contractor that delivers reliable services with exceptional end results.

  • Bottom line; The conclusion of everything said above is that every such project helps. Of course, you can think of applying it to the attic first if you are on a shoestring budget and apply it to the other areas later on.

Spray foam wall insulation is one of our specializations. Put your trust in Foam Etc, and we will go the extra mile to fulfill your expectations. Our company is based in Edmond, OK and reachable at (405) 471-9234.

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