Myths About Spray Insulation

A Few Misconceptions Surrounding Spray Insulation

In the past few years, foam insulation technology has changed so much that something that may be true about it decades ago wouldn’t be as accurate today. And when you take into account that not all spray insulation foam is created equal, it gets easier to mix fact with fiction. Indeed, misconceptions about this kind of insulation are circulating, and they may keep you from booking this top-notch insulation service. Lucky for you, we’re here to clear up a few.

The spray foam may smell for years

Even before you have an insulation company come to your place, ask them what foam their personnel will be using in your home. While there may be materials that have little to no odor, there are products out on the market that emit a strong stench. To say that all spray foam insulation will leave a strong, pungent smell in your place for years is just inaccurate.

Spray foam can’t be installed in the winter

In reality, spray insulation can be installed at any time of the year. Yes, that is regardless of the weather condition. However, there is an exception to this misconception. The only time a spray foam insulation can’t be installed is when the weather is too severe for the contractors to be outside. Nevertheless, you can trust your local contractors to be able to install foam insulation even in the middle of winter. The pros are trained to do their work all year-long, after all.

Foam insulation can soundproof a room completely

To say that foam insulation can soundproof a room or the apartment 100% isn’t true. It can, however, greatly reduce outdoor noise. But this only applies for open cell foams as they have soundproofing qualities. Keep in mind that the location of appliances (e.g., TV, washing machine, heater, etc.), pipes, and ductwork can affect the amount of noise you get in a room that has spray insulation.

These are a few of the misinformation you’ll probably hear about spray foam insulation. And if you want to get the real score about this advanced insulation, don’t hesitate to call Foam Etc at (405) 471-9234 today. We’re based in Edmond, OK, and you can call us for any questions you might have about spray insulation.

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