Thinking of Doing Your Own Insulation?

What Are Spray Insulation Kits?

Spray foam insulation kits come with all the necessary components to insulate a building. These kits will allow homeowners to perform their own spray insulation, this type of insulation is considered a more energy-efficient, greener alternative to either fiberglass batting or cellulose. The kits usually come with 2 tanks that contain all the chemical components that create the foam, in addition to an assortment of hoses, nozzles, a spray gun, and instructions.

For one to properly use these kits, homeowners need to follow the instructions to the letter; the process is quite simple and very similar to applying spray paint. The foam will be sprayed directly onto the area where it will stick and dry in place. Adding insulation will make a home more energy-efficient. And when properly applied, this type of insulation is a good choice which will add value to a home, and save money on energy bills.

The polyurethane foam used is said to be less harmful to the environment than fiberglass batting or blown cellulose, in addition to lasting longer. It has a higher r-value to heat flow, approximately an inch thicker than other insulating materials. It is supposed to provide greater air seal because it is applied to the wall or any other area being insulated. The foam will expand, thereby filling any cracks or gaps which are present.

Most of these spray insulation kits come with all the components needed to complete a DIY installation project. There are 2 steel cylinders, each one contains one of the foam components which need to be mixed together before application is made. All the homeowner needs to do is supply all the safety equipment, including goggles, gloves, thermometer and a suit.

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